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Custom Systems and Software

GlueLogix is a general embedded system consultancy, developing products for other companies under contract, and applications for other companies' products.

The system shown to the right was developed for a client that runs multiple distribution centers and needed a nonstandard way to control an automated conveyor line.  The system includes:
  • GlueLogix design HF RFID Antennas
  • Feig HF RFID Reader
  • Gumstix Linux SBC
  • Custom Read Station Code for Gumstix
  • Network Interface and Protocols
  • Custom Server Code for Gumstix at PLC
The system was developed in two months and sold for a price comparable with other sensor products.  This development is what GlueLogix calls semi-custom.  It has limited appeal.  The people who need it really need it.  But because more than one person needs it, GlueLogix can provide it for less cost than a full custom development.

GlueLogix also performs fully funded developments of proprietary products.

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