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The FEIG family of RFID devices includes modules, fixed readers, and antennas.  FEIG combines a sturdy, stable hardware design with frequently updated firmware and software.  Free software and training materials, available upon purchase, shows the capability of the readers and the low level messages needed to implement that functionality.  Development kits for C# and C++ are available under NDA.

In GlueLogix designs, Feig technology is used to provide a consistent software interface across UHF and HF, including most standard HF protocols.  Feig has a broad and deep offering.  The devices shown here are the most often used in GlueLogix designs for Label, Card and Plastics companies. Everything shown here is available on our e-store.  If you need a different Feig device, please
contact us for a quote.


High Frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 860-960 MHz

Simple Encoding Software

FEIG is an excellent general purpose hardware vendor.  GlueLogix is fully tooled for FEIG based projects, and can back that up with electronics and enclosure design, prototype construction, and product support. GlueLogix has been endorsed by FEIG USA as their official sales channel to Label, Card and Plastics companies in North America. GlueLogix acts as first line support for any Feig hardware or software you buy from us. We can show you how we use it, how to do the same yourself, or handle it for you.

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