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 Rabbit Consulting

The Rabbit microprocessor family includes chips, Single Board Computers (SBCs) and Core Modules.  Rabbit is 8-bit microprocessor technology based on the Z80 architecture.  Software and hardware optimization are used heavily to make the Rabbit outperform many 16 bit designs.  Full details are at  Rabbit based systems support 5 to 20 I/O points, multiple serial ports, Ethernet connectivity and a small amount of nonvolatile storage.

In GlueLogix designs, Rabbit technology is used where there is a need for a moderate level of connectivity, but no speed, storage or computation requirements that would overwhelm the 8 bit core.

Project with RCM3315

The client for this industrial product designed the machine itself including all wiring and electronics, but had no in-house embedded software expertise.
  • Embedded Website with Security
  • Email Alerts
  • Remote Configuration via Text Files
  • Serial Connected HMI
  • Network Firmware Update
  • All Machine Control (no PLC is used in this machine)
  • 15 Hardware Option Packages
  • Automated test with Gumstix based Machine Simulation

Project with BL2010

This project is used with Zebra label printers on a packaging line.  The printer is set up with a format that needs information filled in.  The BL2010 provides that information as filled in by a local operator.  Depending on the project, there may be a sensor to complete the format per-label.
  • Ethernet Setup
  • Serial Link to Handheld User Interface
  • Operator and Supervisor Passwords
  • Expiration Date Management
  • Serial Link to Printer
  • Network Firmware Update

Rabbit is an excellent general purpose processor.  GlueLogix is fully tooled for Rabbit software, and can back that up with electronics and enclosure design, prototype construction, and product support.

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