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RFID Solutions Store for Label, Card and Plastics Companies

Nip Driven Rewinder for RFID Rolls

US Patent 7,375,636 (expired 2020): Apparatus and method for real time functional testing of RFID tags

US Patent 8,896,425: Apparatus and method for serialized continuous encoding of RFID tags

US Patent 11,429,829: Apparatus and method for improved reading of RFID tags during manufacture



RFID (see above)
Rabbit (DynamicC)
Parallax Propeller (Assembly, C, SPIN)
ARM, especially STM32 and TI OMAP
Gumstix and
Embedded Linux (C, Python, bash)
Windows (.Net, Python)


Product and System Design
Product and System Test
Electronics Design and Circuit Board Layout
Enclosure Design
Custom Software for PC, Rabbit, Propeller, STM32 and Gumstix

Technical Writing
System Integration

Completed Consulting Projects

  • Custom C# software to Kill UHF Gen2 tags for repackaging
  • Scripts for NBS tabletop card print-encoders
  • RFID Card Testers for QA at a card company (Netburner Coldfire)
  • Support and sample code for customers using FEIG readers on internal projects
  • Custom Branded On Press Read Test system for a machine company
  • Custom RFID Encoding Systems on Netburner 5441x (Coldfire) for a card company, including encryption
  • Dual Frequency U+HF Card Encoder
  • "Dead Man" RFID tester for low speed line using Feig MU02 and GlueLogix Serial Case
  • RFID Applicator and Downstream Verifier with Encryption and ISO18000-3M3 (aka HF Gen2)
  • Works with very aggressive adhesive for PET
  • Works with very slick liner
  • Four delivered in 2015
  • Print Capture and Cloud Interface for medical instruments: USB Target, Parallel and Serial
  • Custom NFC Encoding Accessory for Zebra Printers
  • Feasibility Study of Patient Fall Sensor
  • Insecure to Authenticated Email Gateway for use with Digi ConnectMe
  • One-Off RFID Programs for Label Converting Companies
  • Evaluation of Printed RFID Technologies for Pouch Company
  • Integrate BlueRadios Bluetooth Low Energy module into existing product
  • STM32F4 Evaluation for custom machine controller
  • System and Software Design for data expansion of PLC controlled production line
  • Industrial rated Gumstix expansion boards with USB hubs and several NICs
  • USB-RS232 adapter with USB hub
  • Switch and LED Test Box for Control System
  • "Sandwich" board, enabling unused signals on RCM3315 based system
  • Integrate Feig HF RFID/NFC encoder with Zebra RZ400, preserving UHF functionality
  • Festo motor control integration with Rabbit RCM 3315
  • Automotive USB Synch and Bluetooth Low Energy Controller, PIC based
  • Add Lantronix XPort to existing RS232 design
  • Disassemble and reverse engineer source for 8051 motor controller project with missing source code
  • Design support board for Roving Networks RN-42 Bluetooth module
  • Perform detailed transient voltage and current study of Gumstix based design
  • Port Older Rabbit Project to New Hardware
  • Hardware Review and Enclosure Drawings for Gumstix Based Product
  • VS2010 C# Project to Manage Factory Default Settings in Rabbit Based Product
  • Diagnosed Intermittent SD Card I/O Errors on Gumstix Verdex Pro for product that stored realtime data to SD card.  Fixed Linux drivers.
  • Diagnosed Intermittent Serial Flash failures on Rabbit RCM3315
  • Integrated Micrel Ethernet Switch into Embedded Control and Relay Board
  • LineLogix Variant: Read HF Tag, Compute and Print Checksum, Check with Smart Camera
  • OCR and Barcode Forms Processing for Variable Print Verification
  • Provided Simplified Windows CE API for CSL 101 Handheld
  • Assisted Asset Tracking Software startup in bringing its first products to market
  • Wrote Windows CE program for digital signature verification of RFID Tag
  • Battery Powered Gumstix Powered Network Hub Prototype
  • Rabbit Software for ZPL Manipulation in Response to Sensors, With Handheld UI
  • Gumstix Based Machine Simulation for Rabbit Software Testing
  • ConnectMe Network Programming Consulting
  • Custom PC Software for Production testing of RFID Tags, Not On Continuous Web
  • Repair of Corrupted Archived Code Image for ConnectMe
  • Hardware Platform and Software for Automated Tests of Label Applicator
  • Networked HF RFID for Distribution Center Conveyor Control
  • Embedded Linux Remote Peripheral Server
  • Rabbit controller for Label Applicator with Web and Email functionality
  • Embedded Linux Software Architecture and Process for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
  • SX48 Embedded Software for RF Multimeter and RFID Tag Emulator
  • Software for Competitive Analysis of RFID Readers
  • Integrate RFID Into Printer (2 clients)
  • Integrate RFID Into Label Applicator using Digi ConnectMe
  • Integrate RFID Into High End Conversion Press
  • Custom HF RFID Reader for Production Line Control
  • Engineering Test System for RFID Inlays
  • PC Based HIPAA Login Terminal for Legacy Medical Equipment


GlueLogix' standard lab rate is $150/hr. Our standard field rate is $2000/day plus travel expenses.

Travel, lodging, shipping and any special equipment, subcontracting cost or other expense will be billed to the customer.


GlueLogix, Inc., accepts VISA and MasterCard payments through its online store.

Business check is the preferred
payment option.  Contact GlueLogix for mailing address and W9 information.

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