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About GlueLogix

Every technical project begins by laying out the biggest, most obvious pieces.  But those big, obvious pieces are never the whole project.  Every project needs a little glue logic to hold things together.  That's how I named my embedded systems design company in 2004.  At the time, I envisioned building a small team of senior engineers who would help our clients succeed by tackling the tough parts of their problems and making sure things didn't fall through cracks.  It hasn't quite worked out that way, but people know us as GlueLogix and it's a good name.  I still have people listen to the whole story and ask, "But what kind of glue do you sell?"

Since starting out in 2004, it's been my privilege to work with some great contractors, employees and customers.  My team and I have helped several new businesses get started:
We've done general design work for established companies:
And provided RFID equipment to a range of industry leaders: as CGP

As of 2017, GlueLogix is just me, working out of my house.  I've had up to four employees but like freelancing better.  In 2017 and beyond, I hope to concentrate on my Encode In Motion design, which implements my USA patent 8,896,425. I will continue to design and support RFID instrumentation systems for my patners and loyal customers, but will be licensing more designs and building fewer systems.

Whatever your project is, if it involves RFID read and encoding, barcode and especially motion, I'd like a chance to talk it over with you and help you succeed.

Larry Martin,
GlueLogix, Inc.
USA 919.342.0201

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