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GlueLogix Timing Control Unit (TCU)

The core of most GlueLogix designs is the Timing Control Unit (TCU).  Designed around the Parallax Propeller 8 core by 32 bit RISC processor, the TCU can be configured for a wide range of input and output configurations.

Two versions of the TCU are currently active.  Version 3, introduced in 2010, is in use in around 50 applications. Version 4 is used for EncodeInMotion and other high end applications. Version 4P2, based on the Parallax Propeller2 with double the memory and triple the speed of P1, is in development with release planned in 2023.

Common Features:
  • Parallax Propeller, 5 MHz External Clock (software sets 80 MHz internal clock)
  • Reliable control loops down to 100 uS (unlike any PLC)
  • input response less than 1 uS (unlike any PLC)
  • 9-24VDC power input
  • 6 industrial I/O interfaced through Grayhill Standard modules. I/O configuration is changeable by plugging different modules. Options are 60 VDC and 110 VAC. 
  • Standard I/O configuration is 1 DC input (GAP), 5 DC output (STOP, MARK, ERR, BAD, GOOD)
  • 4 RS232 serial ports, one with DTR (PC) others 3-wire (RFID readers).  Up to 7 serial ports can be set up with wire changes using onboard level shifters.
  • 3 dedicated stack light outputs (RED, YELLOW, GREEN).
  • 18 I/O interfaced through socketed LTV series optoisolators.
  • I/O direction is solder configurable.
  • Standard I/O configuration is:
    • First 6 I/O match standard TCU V3 configuration
    • Next 6 are outputs
    • Last 6 are inputs.
      This board is optimized for 24VDC I/O.
  • 5 RS232 serial ports, one with DTR (PC), others 3-wire (RFID readers).  Up to 11 serial ports can be configured in software with external level shifters.
  • 9-24 VDC, reversible, on standard  2.1mm jack.
  • Through Holes for additional +- power supplies.
  • 3 dedicated stack light outputs (RED, YELLOW, GREEN).
  • Isolated USB connection
  • Not formally tested yet, but does not reboot when hit with piezo spark source
The Parallax Propeller chip itself uses soft peripherals, so with proper I/O conditioning, TCUv4 could drive up to 12 UARTS. TCUv5 has 12 UARTS, 18 I/O, Ethernet and USB.

Status Mar2023

  • TCUv4P2 first boards made, software in progress.
  • TCUv4 available as finished board or source licensed design.
  • Multiple TCUv4 used to implement first delivered EncodeInMotion system.
  • TCUv4 in use as multilane RFID read controller in on-press test systems designed for Tamarack Products.
  • TCU V4 used as a high speed controller for Voyantic Tagsurance, before they had their own I/O box. 
  • TCU V3 used in around 50 projects.  Available as finished board and as a source licensed design.
  • IndustRFID firmware reads HF and UHF at 20/sec using Feig readers, and ThingMagic Vega historically.  It also encodes and controls the stepper in the GlueLogix rewind machine.
  • Ladder Logic software in long term development.

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TCU V3 in Deployed System

Two TCUv3 in one box for Encode/Verify in an Applicator


TCUv4 in first deployment

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