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LineLogix Solution for RFID Label Conversion Presses


LineLogix is a "bolt-on" package for RFID testing.  It acts as a PLC on rewind equipment and supplements the PLC on presses.  LineLogix shortens your RFID learning curve, making your shop more productive in less time.  It provides the most commonly needed features for fast testing and encoding of RFID inlays.  LineLogix is also a versatile platform for building custom applications for your press or rewind equipment.

Contact for details.

LineLogix Architecture

The Timing Control Unit (TCU) is the heart of the LineLogix system.  In response to a trigger signal, it sends commands to an RFID reader, parses the replies, and takes actions based on whether the command failed or succeeded.

Basic System, 4-Up

Basic System,
One PC controls all the TCUs on a press or rewinder.  LineLogixPC software sets up all the TCUs and logs the results.  Label sensor or PLC output triggers the lanes.

This configuration reads UHF or HF inlays up to 20/second and marks bad ones up to 64 places downstream.

Encode Then Verify from Barcode

In this configuration, the output of one barcode scanner or smart camera is sent to two TCUs.  One TCU is set up for Encode and the other for Verify.  One Marker at the end covers all bad labels.  This works for stop-start transports like the Melzer.


Standalone Requires Hand Operation

A Standalone version - just a netbook, software and an HF Reader - is available for NFC Encoding.  You have to move tags across the reader by hand, but the price is low compared to a fully automated solution.  The PC checks for a new tag a couple of times per second.  When it finds a new tag, it programs it with the set value, or the next line in the CSV.

Purchase gives you credit when you eventually buy a full system.  See our online store.

Printer Integration

The LineLogix system can be used to integrate RFID encoders with printers.  It has integrated with Zebra and Sato label printers, and VideoJet and HSA inkjets.  The system will integrate with any printer from dot matrix to high speed inkjet, using singulated or bulk encoding.

GlueLogix Rewinder

Servo Driven Rewinder

GlueLogix has introduced a rewind system designed specifically for RFID.  Its key feature is a servo driven nip, which allows precision stops, quick acceleration, and fast continuous motion, along with controlled paper path for variable printing.  It ships direct to your location, equipped for UHF, HF or both.

LineLogix in Action



First Shipment: 2005: shows the original SAMSys based LineLogix system read-testing TI Gen2 tags on a conversion press (WMV format, 8 MB).

Writing NFC On Standard Rewind: 2011: shows LineLogix taking over a standard DC motor rewind table and running it as a stop-start system, encoding NFC tags (AVI Format, 17 MB).

Reading On Rewind: 2009: shows LineLogix taking over a
standard DC motor rewind table and running it as a continuous system for read testing. This clip shows moderate speed read testing, then slightly slower read testing with Stop On Bad enabled.  (WMV format, 3.5 MB).

Reading on Schober: 2011: Shows LineLogix replacing the SAMSys reader shipped with a Schober system and accurately read testing at the transport's full speed.  At the end, you see some marks made by a DDI Evolution printer.  (AVI format, 30 MB).

Supported Readers and Tags

LineLogix currently supports:
  • UHF Gen2 on Feig LRU02
  • HF ISO15693, ISO14443-A, -B and ISO18000-3 Mode 3 (aka HF Gen2) on Feig HF readers.
Contact for other chip and reader types.

Software Features


Tests and Actions

  • Count and Read - two ways to read-test inlays
  • Write and Serialize - two ways to write data to inlays
  • Barcode and Camera Operations - verify barcode data from inlays, write barcode data to inlays (custom), mark labels bad based on smart camera screening (custom)
  • Serial Translation - realtime translation of serial data strings, measured at 5 mS lookup in a 128K record database.
  • Variable Print (custom) - print barcodes or text from inlay data

Status Sep2016

  • On-Press systems were not offered from 2014 through 2016 because of UHF crosstalk issues.  That should now be resolved with Feig LRU02 and MacTec antennas.  In the interim, multilane UHF systems based on Voyantic Tagsurance were designed and deployed for Tamarack Products of Wauconda IL USA, on presses equiped with their inlay placement equipment.
  • Integrated Feig ISC.M02 for HF Gen2 (ISO18000-3M3).  Shipped first HF Gen2 system April 2013.
  • Standards Based Roll to Roll Bulk Encoding: 15/sec with G2IL or Monza5!
  • Showed Standards Based Preserialization and downstream verification at RFIDJL 2013.
  • Self Serialization for NXP, Impinj and Alien silicon.
  • Printer Solutions are shipping for Zebra RZ400 and Sato CL408e.
  • Singulated Encoding for NFC includes CSV Merge and supports ISO15693 (Icode SLIX)
  • Shipped first Card system in 2012, integrated with Cross-Core USA
  • Impinj Continuous Encoding and Continuous Self Serialization are fully integrated, working on Continuous Encoding of HF/NFC
  • Our first NFC Encoding solution was shipped in mid September 2011.
  • The Encode/Verify From Barcode system featured above is still in service.  Data from one barcode is sent to two TCUs - one for Encode and one for Verify.  Two lanes are implemented on a Melzer.
  • Vision integration is available.
  • Tamarack Products Inc. is fully on board as a reseller.  We displayed together at RFIDJL in 2012 and 2013.
  • LineLogix is no longer patent pending.  US Patent 7,375,636 was granted 20May2008
  • LineLogix systems have displaced several Confidex readers due to Linelogix' superior performance and selectivity, and the compact form factor of our antennas.
  • A legacy version of LineLogixPC is still available for SAMSys installations on older presses from Melzer, Schober, Muhlbauer and Bielomatik.  It allows encoding inlays on Melzer and Schober presses with the existing SAMSys readers.

Note: Tamarack, SAMSys, Melzer, Schober, Muhlbauer, ThingMagic, Mercury, Matrics, AR400, Symbol, Impinj, Feig, Sato, Zebra and WJ are trademarks of their respective owners who do not endorse GlueLogix products.


Larry Martin, the owner of GlueLogix, was the second engineer at SAMSys Technologies, and served as contributor and manager for five of that company's most formative years.  With his background in industrial I&C electronics, embedded computer systems, and RFID, Larry is uniquely positioned to create embedded systems with RFID as the centerpiece.  If you don't see what you are looking for here, chances are very good that GlueLogix can make it happen for you.  Contact GlueLogix.

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