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Encode UHF AND HF RFID Chips In Sequence, Without Stopping, Very Fast

GlueLogix has patented and implemented a design that:


Main Algorithm

In each cycle:

  • Capture barcode data
  • Capture UID or TID of the chip at that station
  • Allocate an encoder and format the data to encode
  • Trigger the allocated encoder
  • Listen for feedback from the active encoders
  • Evaluate status of tag at printer/marker
  • Insert VOID mark for bad label
  • Send print data or mark signal
  • Report finished label data and status to PC

General Encoding

LineLogix Encoding: Slower but ok for special cases

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"Other" Continuous Encoding Systems: why they fall short

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Status Mar2023

  • Two systems shipped and accepted.
  • Second delivered system running UHF at 10/sec: https://youtu.be/nX6UHciiA0o
  • First Look Video released: https://youtu.be/aPK6QcmrDO4
  • Available as Installed System or Licensed Design
  • Encoding UHF Gen2, ISO15693 and low end ISO14443-A (Ultralight and NTAG)
  • Encoding AFI and DSFID of ISO15693 chips
  • Locking all supported chips
  • Merging Barcode/OCR data, chip UID/TID and Timestamps into encoded data
  • Marking bad labels OR inserting VOID print pattern for bad labels