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Custom Encoding Software

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GlueLogix has developed source code modules for a number of PC based encoding functions that fall outside the LineLogix domain:
  • Listen for ZPL or SBPL on a network socket, process RFID data, pass through print data
  • Encode ISO15693 AFI and DSFID as well as block data
  • Encode NFC and Raw data in any mix, with optional CSV data merge, to all ISO14443 A and B and ISO15693
  • Encode all banks and locks of UHF and HF Gen2 (ISO18000-6, ISO18000-3M3)
  • Encode applications to DESFire
  • Control simple machines or simple machine components like dispensers and steppers
  • With LineLogix TCU, control complex machines like label applicators
None of these modules are currently used in standard GlueLogix products, but all are available for reuse into custom projects, source licensed to the customer.

Sample Views

Here are photos and screen shots of several projects and products, meant to illustrate the range of RFID encoding solutions that GlueLogix can rapidly develop:


The project above verified that all tagged items in a box had good encoding.  It included C# macros that allowed you to set up computations in the configuration file.  One installation used the macros to compute Marta Luhn codes from Ultralight UIDs and display them for QA of an on press read-print system.

Photo of dispense/divert encoding station

This project feeds one ISO size card onto a flap.  The flap has both UHF and HF antennas.  PC software encodes both chips, coordinating the data as required by an input "job" file.  First shown at CARTES 2015, now delivered to one client.

NFC editor of print-encode app

This is the main screen and NFC editor of the software that listens for ZPL and SBPL formats on port 9100.


Most modules run on any XP or Windows 7 PC.  Some features may be limited to newer OS or .Net versions
Tested Platforms
WinXP, WIn7 Starter, Win7x64 Ultimate, Win8, Win8.1, Win10. 
Digi Edgeport, FTDI and Starport USB-Serial converters.
Readers and Chips
Feig CPR.40: Mifare Ultralight through DESFire, ISO14443-B
Feig CPR.M02: ISO15693
Feig ISC.02: ISO18000-3M3 aka. HF Gen2
Feig MU02, MRxU02, LRU02: UHF Gen2
ThingMagic Vega: UHF Gen2

Other reader types and frequency ranges available on request.

Status Oct2016

  • All modules available for reuse in custom source licensed projects.
  • Oct16: Completed reliable OCR/Barcode with $35 USB camera, ZXing and Tesseract.

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