NTAG 424 DNA Memory Map from NXP Datasheet

NTAG 424 DNA Support in LineLogix

GlueLogix supports the new and complex NTAG 424 DNA chip via the FEIG CPR74 reader. Comments below are valid as of 30Dec2020 and apply to any version of LineLogixPC dated later. All information below is derived from NXP PUBLIC data sheets and GlueLogix development.

This page applies to standard LinelogixPC software. Custom software can implement any feature or combination of features required for your application. GlueLogix is available to consult with development groups that are trying to support NTAG424DNA.

EncodeInMotion does NOT support Ntag424DNA. It takes at least 0.75 seconds to encode and protect just File2 of this chip, and set all 5 keys. Encoding and protecting the entire chip takes closer to two seconds. That is not economical for EncodeInMotion.


General Notes

The NTAG424DNA by NXP implements an NFC Forum standard Type 4 Tag, with a fixed file system for that purpose. Unlike DesFire, there is no Format command. It can be a challenge to reuse a chip once it is encoded because each file has to be individually recovered back to a default state. The chip's command set has a lot of options, and a hole or two, making implementation a challenge. For example, there is a command to SetConfiguration but no command to read the configuration back (we even tried to find an undocumented opcode), so all chip level Configuration settings have to be challenged.

RFID reader companies have been slow to support the new chip. The FEIG CPR74 used by GlueLogix supports NTAG424DNA only in its unique protocols for authentication and secure APDU exchange. Software developers are responsible for working with NTAG424DNA via APDUs. Most RFID software developers are more used to working with the command sets of their RFID readers, or maybe with libnfc calls. The necessity of working with APDUs puts a strain on development teams and has slowed adoption of the chip. GlueLogix is available to consult with development groups that are trying to support NTAG424DNA.

NTAG424DNA Features Not Supported by LineLogixPC

The following features are not used in chip personalization and are not expected to be supported in LineLogixPC: The following features are not yet completely implemented, mainly due to time constraints:

LineLogixPC Features Not Implemented for NTAG424DNA

The following features are not yet completely implemented for NTAG424DNA, mainly due to time constraints. They work for Ultralight, NTAG21x, Classic and ISO15693 ("SLIX"):


The following features are completely implemented in LineLogixPC for NTAG424DNA, as of the date above: Warning: Not all permutations of features in the ChangeFileSettings command have been tested. It is always best to inform GlueLogix of new data requirements so that we can help you create a good DAT file for your needs.

LineLogixPC NDEF Editor for NTAG424DNA

LineLogixPC NDEF Editor

LineLogixPC Standalone Mode for NTAG424DNA, With FormatFirst Enabled

LineLogixPC OK Screenshot

LineLogixPC DAT File for Screenshots Above

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