Locking EPC Memory Bank on UHF Gen2 tags Without Encoding

This page will cover how to use LineLogixPC software to lock EPC memory without encoding EPC for standard UHF Gen2 tags (for details on locking UCODE 9 tags, see here). These instructions work best with LineLogixPC Version 4.330 07Nov2023 or later. Some features work on earlier software, but all features described here were tested on that revision.

Standard Generation-2 UHF RFID Tags contain four memory banks:
UHF Gen2 Standard Protocol
Memory Map from: EPC™ Radio-Frequency Identity Protocols Generation-2 UHF RFID Standard, © 2018 GS1 AISBL

Default factory configurations set all passwords null, and all data readable and writable (unlocked), with the exception of non-programmable TID value. Users may change data accessibility/security by writing passwords and setting memory banks' security to any combination of the following Lock configurations:
Note: Lock and kill commands require non-zero access and kill passwords.

In LineLogixPC, create a WriteBlockData test job for UHF Gen2 tags and select Password and Lock as Encoding Configurations:
Screenshot from Reader Tab of LineLogixPC Ver. 4.229

Open the Parameters dialog and set a non-zero Access Password.
In Lock Parameters, set Access and EPC Lock Parameters to Temp. Lock:
Parameters Window, LineLogixPC Ver. 4.229

Start job. EPC bank and Access password will now be locked; EPC data is still readable but writing new data will require the correct access password.